Short Stories on Motherhood

Release date: 25 November 2012
Available as an ebook and in paperback on: Amazon
Published by: MetaPlume

This collection of five short stories shows the reader the inner thoughts of five female protagonists, through active narratives that explore their role as women who love, judge, avoid, antagonise, give in and give back to those around them.

A mother fights selfishly with her daughter's lover, watching the curry stain on her lip quiver with rage ... A woman returns to the lake where memories of her childhood create a vivid contrast to the present ... A woman, alone aside from her cat, watches the shadows ripple across floorboards as labor contractions build ... A totem tennis pole becomes the final stand for a housewife ... A train trip provides a powerful opportunity for a different life.

Each of them detailed and beautifully scripted, with descriptions that infuse the scene in your mind and linguistically relax and tantilise.

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