Sunday, 18 October 2015

What makes you happy?

A Facebook post I liked today suggested writing a list of what I enjoy and comparing it to what I do each day, then adjust my days accordingly. I love that idea. So here's my list, or at least the beginning of it! What would your list look like? 

(Not in order)

1. Cycling 
2. Piano 
3. Gardening 
4. Walks in nature 
5. Listening to music 
6. Roller blading 
7. Writing 
8. Swimming 
9. Rock n roll dancing 
10. Eating delicious food 
11. Drawing 
12. Petting animals 
13. Making things 
14. Intimacy 
15. Art 
16. Friendship 
17. Time with my kids 
18. Time with family 
19. Baking
20. Massage