Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pre-teen blues and the Princess Diana hairstyle!

At the hairdresser this morning, enjoying being pampered by Michael, my skilled and personable stylist, I recalled my nightmare years as an awkward pre-teen when the hairdressers' chair may as well have been a torture device.

Having endured my mum's bowl cuts for most of my childhood I had been introduced to the local hairdresser, 'Amelia's Hair Care'. Unfortunately, they didn't have much of a clue how to manage an awkward, self-conscious pre-teen girl, particularly when I brought in a photo of Princess Diana and asked them to make me look like her! Of course, the Princess Diana style was very short and very layered, a style which will not suit your average person and with my square jaw, a style which was going to end in the inevitable buckets of tears and a distressed hairdresser looking rather lost for words.

Although I thought I was the centre of the universe at that age, the Princess Diana hairstyle was apparently not an uncommon request during the 1980s. 'When she was alive, many women had imitated her hairstyles, so you could see women at the 1980s wearing any Diana’s hairstyle. Women had wanted to look on the same simple, sexy and elegant way like Princess Diana.'  'Feathering was one of the popular famous short hairstyles during the 1980s; it was basically a hair cutting technique used for short layers to make it look like feathers and this was once a renown for late Diana's famous short hairstyles'. I was fascinated to read that some women in the world are still asking for Princess Diana styles today!

Well, I'm glad the days of me being ruled by adults are over and I can choose to wear my hair any way I please. I no longer tremble in the hairdressers seat, but relax and enjoy the pampering that goes on, mixed with some interesting conversation. I wonder what fads other people have followed in hairstyles, discovering too late that they didn't suit them at all?