Sunday, 20 January 2013

Create Your own fairy Garden - guest post

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself, “what the heck is a fairy garden?!”  Well, a fairy garden is a place that you can build to give fairies a wonderful place to live.  The most important part in making your own fairy garden is to make your garden inviting and pleasant for the fairies to live in.

A great way to attract fairies to your garden is through wind chimes.  Once they are attracted to your garden, you need to make certain that they have a nice place to live.  Fairies are very small so it is necessary to make sure that the plants that you use in your garden are not too overwhelming for the fairies.  I highly recommend using small plants such as bonsai trees to make your fairy guests feel at home. 
Many small plants are delicate so it is a good idea to find a space in your yard where the plants along with the fairies are protected.  For example, good spots for the gardens are against hills, under trees as well as along the side of your house.  All of these spots will give the fairies a sense of protection as well as protect them from being stepped on by humans.
Fairies also need a house to stay in.  You can make one on your own or you can search the web to buy one. I encourage making your own so you can add your own creativity to the house.  Fairy gardening is all about your creativity, honestly.  The more creative you are, the happier the fairy will be.
There is no straightforward way to make a fairy garden which in my opinion is a good thing.  This allows you to have fun and do what you feel is best to make your garden look beautiful as well as inviting for the fairies. To generate some fairy garden ideas, visit



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