Sunday, 30 December 2012

Post Christmas Flab realisation disaster aversion plan

That feeling you get ... when everything you wear is just that bit too tight.
That feeling you get ... when even your undies cut you in half because your butt has expanded a size or two.
That feeling you get ... when you remember all the diets you’ve been on, the weight you’ve lost and gained and the hard earned crispy bank-notes you have wasted on Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers.


Is it time to panic? I can feel that black dog looming.
So what to do?
How not to fall into that reverie of regret?

Step one, is to list all the things I enjoy.

Particularly the ones that don’t involve sitting and eating or swigging down glasses full of Merlot and Baileys (as tempting as they are!) Not that this plan is going to involve eradicating those gorgeous activities, for the thought of such sacrifice is the morsel that the black dog desires. No, my first step is to list the activities which make me happy, which get me up and moving, which help me reach my goals. Here’s the list I have come up with so far:



Walking in forests

Sewing small toys


Bike riding



Walking at the beach

Walking with friends

Taking the dogs out to new places

Antique shops

Op shops



Playing scrabble

Playing with young children

Doll House

Playing the piano


Browsing nurseries

Visiting open gardens

Wow! There’s the start of a good list. I think the next step will be printing the list, putting it up on the wall, asking my partner to write his own list and choosing to do something from the list regularly … as well as adding to it as inspiration blows in. In fact, I plan to include at least three things from that list in my day - today!

Here’s to a fun and less flabby 2013 … without the pain of calorie counting! I would love to hear what activities you have chosen for your lists, looking forward to your comments,