Sunday, 23 December 2012

Very Annie Mary - go ahead, embrace your inner nerd! Film review

It’s not often I find myself totally engaged in a movie and actually enjoying the free flow of tears at the climax. That kind of movie where you relax into your own skin and feel the protagonist’s pain, frustration, desire and blends of various emotions as though those feelings were your own.

Very Annie Mary was able to do all of the above and I believe I slept with the story continuing on in my dreams, a strong sign that the characters have become part of my own flow of blood and immersed in the cilia of my lungs.

I have to admit, I often love a dorky character, someone who is not quite comfortable in their own skin. It resonates with my inner dorky child, that little soul who was chosen last for sports teams and sought refuge in the sick-bay during kick-ball sessions. I also love a wounded soul who shows strength despite adversity and Annie Mary retains her unique character which even a narcissistic Pavarotti-impersonating father and his snobby girlfriend fail to smother.

The relationship between Annie Mary and her terminally ill friend Bethany (the daughter of the fish and chip shop owners) is real and engaging. Bethan has the time and space to observe the community objectively and encourages Annie Mary to unveil her long hidden talent of singing and to pursue her dreams. The small community and its members are heart-warming and also true, showing how easily people can turn on those they think have done wrong or who haven’t met their stringent expectations and how difficult it is to break free of the role you were placed in due to circumstances.

Rachel Griffiths plays Annie-Mary to perfection and Jonathon Pryce is terrific as her father. Highly recommended by me, sit back on your couch with some good wine and nibbles and embrace your inner nerd. Love it!

Copyright Sue Oaks 2012