Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Who will buy ... me?

A funny writing prompt - how would you advertise yourself, got me thinking about what on earth I could offer the buyer.
Why would I buy me?
I think I'm pretty quiet most of the time, I do lots of work around the house but I'm not a perfectionist. Organised but not OCD.
Not too bad at decorating houses on minimal budgets and handy at hunting out stuff at op-shops and nifty little markets.
I can sew little elephants, if in the mood, and can write a decent essay on a range of topics.
I'm able to type really quickly, with pretty good accuracy, and can find my way around Microsoft Word and the Internet.
I have a strong connection with animals, most cats, in particular, tend to trust me and move through their normally snobby attitudes for a pat.
My piano playing has occasional flares of greatness, when I get the urge and a shot of passion.
I'm a nice person most of the time, and I have dedicated my life to working with people who many others wouldn't go near.
I'm pretty healthy and have a strong knowledge of nutrition and I'm motivated to keep fit and try new things, like the gym and bike riding.
Sex - I love it and I don't think I'm TOO bad at it, and not TOO old to enjoy it... is there such an age?
I can drive a car safely and well, and haven't had a ticket since I first got my license.
Spelling - not too drab either, I come in handy as a mobile dictionary in the office.
Face book - pretty good at it! I guess that's all I can really think of. I wonder what others would write?