Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tribute to an old friend - rest gently.

When I heard the news I couldn’t believe it.
It didn’t seem real
How could it be that you were just here,
But now you’ve gone?

Soon I felt numb,
Tried to get on with my day to day work,
But I couldn’t stop thinking of you.

I tried to explain it,
But there was no explanation.
I tried to find a reason.
But there was no reason.

I cried.

Then I remembered
The fun we used to have
Your cheeky grin,
Your quirky sense of humour.

I smiled.

When I last spoke to you
You had hopes and plans.
I was going to come and hear you play,
And have a chat again, like old times.

It wasn’t to be.
I guess you had a lot more pain
Than I would have ever known.
Pain that can’t be explained,

Like a rubber-band around your heart that can’t be unwound.

No-one should have to feel like that.

You were our friend,
An amazing person,
Talented, gentle and generous.

May you rest gently in the knowledge that you are loved.

Sue Oaks, 2012.