Saturday, 26 May 2012


Walking on the beach path, umbrella braced against the wind,

The pretty umbrella with the silvery-blue butterflies,

Designed to brighten up the wintery months.

I juggle many things – umbrella, dog leads, the thoughts in my head

That haven’t quite cleared from the dream

I was pulled from when I rose.


The dogs’ fur is sleek; they don’t seem to mind the cold wet slashings

That batter their eager faces in the wind,

Their tails still wag and they pull their leads

To sniff the stories that other dogs have left behind.

I remember singing in the Geelong West Town Hall

As part of the choir in a winter concert,

Dressed in rain-coats and donning a range

Of colourful gum-boots;

Singing wintery songs about rain-drops and snowflakes

To an audience sipping bowls of steaming hot soup,

Brewing mulled wine with wafts of cinnamon

That filled the old high ceilings;

Tickling the nostrils of past mayors –

Imprisoned in heavy frames.


Rug up! Rug up! Enjoy the chilly excuse

To cosy up in blankets and warm the soul,

Or go outside and feel your every cell come to life.


Sue Oaks, Copyright 2012.