Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fat and Skinny! (Just for a laugh)

Have you ever heard of fat and skinny jokes? I sometimes think I really never grew up, because for some reason I still find these jokes very funny! (They also come in handy for filling in boring moments on long car trips.) Try them out and see how you go, but please, I take no responsibility for the political incorrectness of this form of humour!

Fat and Skinny were in the bed
Fat rolled over and Skinny was dead

Fat and Skinny were in the garden
Fat blew off and Skinny said pardon

Fat and Skinny fell out of a tree
Fat landed hard and broke Skinny's knee

Fat and Skinny sat down to dinner
Fat ate Skinny's and now shes much thinner

Fat and Skinny bought a cat
Fat sat on it and made Skinny a hat

Fat and Skinny went to the loo
Fat had a wee and Skinny a poo

Fat and Skinny went to war
Fat killed Skinny with an apple core.

How about adding your own Fat and Skinny jokes?
Sue Oaks