Saturday, 24 March 2012


The last time I jumped on a trampoline I had to jump straight back off and run to the toilet! Might put that down to having had three kids, the last one weighing 11lb, 12oz.

It wasn't like that in the old days though! My trampoline, at one time, was like my world. I could jump from each corner to the middle, across ways, onto my back and over to my tummy. I would commentate my trampolining, being the commentator, competitor and crowd all in one. I would alight the trampoline with grace and bound off in great abandon!

When it was finished, I would bring out my book and lie in the warm sun, looking at the cats and dogs when they sat underneath... when my face was squashed against the black webbing, I could see through the tiny holes which framed each scene, highlighting the action of the insects on the grass, the sleek shine of the cat's dark fur, the funny licky face of the dog who couldn't quite reach me.

And best of all, when my sister came out ... I could reach out and zap her with its static electricity!

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