Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The self-inflicted injury

I try not to scratch it, truly I do, but my hands race like hungry rats to my ears. My head is burning, it feels like someone poured a jar of boiling hot peanut butter on my scalp, which has made its way down my back, burning a layer of skin on its way.

Why didn't I do the patch test? Pure laziness or perhaps complacency, to be kinder to myself. I have no excuse, I already knew that I am allergic to some hair dyes - having learned the hard way numerous times. But here I am again, suffering the consequences of trying to fight nature.

It's raining. I am driving in late afternoon, into a story-book picture of fluffy white clouds and pretty blue sky. Across this palette, a delicious light sheet of cool moisture floats down and invites a rainbow to keep it company in the sky. It doesn't quite take away my discomfort, but distracts me for a while. Nature can be so beautiful.

I must say, I am tempted to go 'gracefully' grey. Let's add to that, wonderfully wrinkly, fabulously flabby and fearlessly floppy! Now, back to that scratching.

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