Monday, 5 March 2012

Evil Eye - the man with the evil stare

He’s watching me -
That man with the evil stare.
He knows all the things I’ve done wrong,
And all the things I’m going to do wrong in the future.

He butts into jokes,
He snarls from the side-lines,
Never is he short of a sarcastic line
To add to the conversation.

How come I can’t erase him?
That spoil-sport,
That ‘told you so’ taunter ,
Who tries to trip me up as I enter the room.

Who said you could get confident?
He asks snidely,
Turning the pages of the paper,
with his red, pointy nose embedded in the print.

If he was drawn in grey-lead,
I’d find a huge eraser
And rub him out…

Even if it caused the pages to tear.
I wouldn't care.

Copyright Sue Oaks 2012