Thursday, 5 April 2012

Once a mother, always a mother!

The questions have begun
With that earnest little face of yours
I’ve stopped waiting for that magazine child
I’ve started to look at the real you
Who looks at me with a hunger
To know it all
And I know I’ve found
The real beauty.

It didn’t take you long to
Work me out
You seem to know me
All the way, well
I guess you knew my inside parts
You knew the beating of my heart
Like no-one else knew
We must remember
Where we knitted together in
Our mother’s warmth.

Your little hand in mine
Is soft, it squeezes, pats and
Molds the dirt into hills and food
To offer me.
I get cross at your mud-stained arms
You wait patiently for me to
Realise it’s not the end
Of the world
And the tap runs to calm us
It washes away some of your creativity.

You’ve been three and a half
For a few months now
Or so I parrot when people ask,
Remarking on your clever ways.
We fill the day,
The three of us,
Our pets
Our friends
Our music
Our drawings
Our dolls and your love for your teddies

And things
I love to watch
It all comes back to me,
It is me,
You are me,
Playing again,
Teaching me things I never knew
About myself before,
Or I’d forgotten.

We lie in your bed
You are warmth and solid
I love that you let me
Cuddle you
Implicit trust
And the comfort we give
One another.

Your little voice
Is embedding in my heart
Where all the valuables of my life
Have space reserved.

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