Sunday, 4 March 2012


Does anyone remember Drexel Rubenstein?

He was a character I invented in grade five, and he took on a kind of life of his own. Yes, this sounds a little crazy, but I talked about him as if he really existed. He even began to join our social group!

You could describe him as a kind of nerdy superhero, and I introduced him into a play I wrote for school, dragging him on stage as one of the characters.

I had fun bringing him to life before the play, creating him out of old clothes and socks which we stuffed with newspaper, sewing him together and adding a plastic bag as his head, face drawn on in permanent marker. He was bulky, awkward, and blooming heavy, but he was a success in the play, adding in a bit of an unexpected element to surprise the audience.

After his moment of fame, he sat around my bedroom for years getting dusty, until mum couldn't stand him anymore and he came to a sad end, ripped apart and distributed piece by piece into the rubbish bin.

I miss him, the old Drexel Rubenstein. Perhaps he can come back into life in a new form?

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David Martin said...

I want to meet the old Drexel

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