Friday, 16 September 2011

If you feel like you look good, you look like you feel good.

You've all seen her - that average woman doing her grocery shopping at the local supermarket. She isn't thinking about herself. She didn't dress to impress. In fact, she didn't even put her makeup on that morning. But she's stunning, glowing, and beautiful. Why? Simply because she's comfortable in her own skin. She's proof that the tongue twister is downright truth. If you feel like you look good you look like you feel good.

Confidence is the magical ingredient. Many beautiful women never get noticed because they have insecurities about their looks. Confidence doesn't mean that you are focused on yourself. Instead, it means that you are so comfortable with your looks and that you truly believe that you look great, that you can forget about yourself and enjoy caring about others. Insecurity focuses on what is wrong. It is introspective, looking in and being frightened by the thoughts that your looks don't meet the mark. When you believe that you are just right the way you are, you can stop thinking about yourself and look out and around you at the excitement and wonder in the world. People notice when women are confident, when they care about others, and it translates into opinions of beauty.

People think of beauty as being a set in stone guideline, but it isn't. We think it has to do with the shape of features and the color of hair and a certain height, but beauty is defined very strongly, but subtly to our eyes, by confidence. Countless celebrities and fashion models aren't what is traditionally considered good looking. But these women are world renowned beauties simply because they've embraced their looks. They accept the long nose or the space between their teeth or the thick eyebrows, and everyone raves about their striking, gorgeous appearance.

When you accept your looks and know that you look good, no matter what, dressing becomes effortless. In big cities, traditional fashion rules are broken all the time, and it always works because of one element: confidence. This isn't to say that you should pair patterns with each other. But if you want to, if you feel like that sort of thing, or any deviation from regular fashion, is suited to your personality, go for it! If you are confident in what you wear, you can pull anything off.

Remember to be yourself. Trying to be something that isn't you won't prove your confidence, but is just another way that insecurity shows itself. Choose clothes that you like, not ones that are trendy. These clothes best display your personality and self respect. You'll have an easier time being confident and not thinking about yourself if you are comfortable in what you are wearing. The right clothes give you a step up. People always make opinions on their impressions of your appearance, whether they want to or not. So wearing clothes that both suit who you are as an individual and flatter your body gives an impression of good self esteem and feeling great.

When you combine the confidence that the body you were born with is the perfect body for you with the flair that dressing well gives you, you become unbeatable and beautiful. You feel like you look good, and everyone will see you and think that you feel great

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