Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Do you like the dog slobber on the floorboards?

Dogs can be messy, loud and demanding. But would we live without them?

We have two, Ellie the border Collie and Ernie the poodle, as well as a gorgeous grey and white cat called Hershey. The dogs are hilarious when they wrestle. They started it when they first met and Ernie was introduced to the concept of rough-play -  and he has never looked back!

Just as I try and create some peace, sit back after a day of work and a long walk, off they go on a wild wrestling match across the lounge room. It's extremely funny to watch. And now they're lying exhausted on the floor and the couch - Ellie always goes for the floor, being so much bigger, while Ernie, still ruling the roost, hogs the couch.

Life would be so boring without pets! I think Ernie is my all time favourite - he found me and it was instant love! Other favourites have been my old cat Garfield, who I grew up with, our labrador Bill (who bit me but I wouldn't let mum get him put down and he never forgot - loyal as). Our black cat Ricky who ended up with 3 legs and living with mum at Sun Siesta Caravan Park in Mildura - he was an awesome cat. Our old sausage dog Christy - cheeky and naughty but very lovable. I loved the way she used to cover our chihuahua with a blanket each night - talk about nurturing

They're all gorgeous, and give back way more than we ever give to them - despite all the vet bills, and hey, that odd puddle of slobber on the floorboards.