Sunday, 4 September 2011

Strawberries, ginger-beer and roasted pumpkin Sunday

Happy with my efforts this week, after jumping back on the weight tracking wagon, I've lost 1kg, hooray! Will try and keep up the effort, warmer weather is upon us and it would be great to go to Central Australia in October feeling good about my body. Might even get a spray tan, woo hoo!
Another aweseome Sunday, so relaxing. Out in the garden a little, went for a big walk to our local market which is held on the foreshore once a month, and found some fantastic Mr Men pjs - originals from 1997. Know what I'll be wearing to bed tonight.
So, father's day. Brings up so much stuff! I still have a big question mark over who my dad really is, which is kind of weird - my mum having admitted that my dad might not even be my dad in 1997. That came at a time when I felt I was finally getting closer to my dad, after years of tricky relationship stuff, going on access visits (mum and dad splitting when I was about six years old). So anyway, deciding to cast doubts to the wind I tried to call him yesterday, texted him today and no response. Oh well!
Really, when I was growing up, my Grandpa was my father figure. He was amazing - community minded, loving and smart, with plenty of time for his two grandchildren, my sister Helen and I. Boy I loved that man! He came to all my piano concerts and competitions, winked at me across the table when my step-dad was being mean, taught me to play Euchre and took me to the market with all his 50 cent pieces he would collect for me. And that's just a tiny sample. We were all devastated when he got cancer, and his death was the saddest moment of my life.
So I'll dedicate today's father's day to the most awesome Grandpa in the world - Arthur Ernest Birrell - may his memory live on forever!!!!!