Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Why do I always have to diet?

So, once again I looked at my body and decide its too fat. I hesitantly stood on the dusty set of scales, to find that I'd absolutely stacked on the kilos over the last year.

Depressed, I looked online and signed up to yet another weight-loss plan. So here I am on day two, having followed it pretty well, knowing that the novelty will soon wear off and I'll be wondering why I keep on following the same old path.

Time to ponder the day ....highlights:

1/ The smoke alarm going off at a client's house as he burned the second lot of toast he was cooking for his couch-bound wife - struggling to breathe through the room of smoke and finding it so funny I almost couldn't stop laughing.

2/ Taking a 12 year old boy to the youth centre, with him being so polite and loving, and enjoying it so much - talk about appreciation!

3/ Finding a new Mr Tickle on special at Toyworld (large plush one, with book, in a display box), couldn't resist adding it to my collection!

Having thought about the day, I'm feeling better already, though the chocolate addiction is pretty strong here. Just have to track, and track and track - until I'm so bored with the journey I fall off the cart once more!