Saturday, 27 August 2011


A little rough start to the night last night, due to hormones and being tired at the end of the week. My non-subtle hints for a decent box of chocolates were just not understood! The block of Whittakers would normally be okay, good for a week-day munching as I type up case-notes. But not last night! So I ended up trecking down to Ritchie's to choose a box of chocolate. Limited choice, I must say, but in the end a box of Cadbury's Milk Tray looked quite appealing. Took it home, and worked through some grumps, then watched a great DVD - Stranger than Fiction. Boy that was watchable, a really clever plot, great characters, touching romantic moments. Slept well and got up early - a beautiful day! Spent the first bit eating delicious pancakes cooked by David, spreading poo around the garden and planting bits and pieces, tossing a bit of Blood and Bone around, finding the dogs' disgusting old bones buried in a big pot. Lol. Looks like it will be an awesome weekend. :)