Thursday, 25 August 2011

Early musical sparks

Sitting in the car, waiting for a meeting that seems to have no-one arriving. I'm kind of hoping no-one shows, as I am TIRED! Last night I had a bit of an anxiety attack, I guess you could call it. I ended up going to sleep around 2.30am, I think. Not so many hours in between then and 6.00am. How I love listening to classical music. I have been playing relaxing guitar music at work, head-phones in, and am finding that in an open office set up it's so much easier to concentrate. Sitting here now I have ABC FM in the background, I work really well to it. Helps me focus - so much different to listening to other WORD flying around. Music is so soft for the ears, the brain. It excites though, too, it delights, it is a vehicle to transport you away. When I was little, we lived on a property in the Whipstick Forest near Eaglehawk Victoria. I spent most of my time outside there, making emu-farms and detective stations out of anything I could find. We had an old piano, and it was there that I started to pick out melodies and tunes by ear, and as i showed an interest, mum signed me up to piano lessons with Elizabeth McConnell. Elizabeth (Miss McConnell) and I built a strong relationship over the years, one which only began to unravel a little in my later teen years. Amazing that it lasted that long! But playing the piano was a constant in my life, the practice, the routine, the dreadful torture of piano competitions. But I loved it. I love music still - more for itself than the 'ego' side of it which takes away from its beauty.