Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Plans thrown from the window!

Why is it that so few of my planned activities happen after work? I finish just after 5pm, drop off something to a client on the way home, get home about 5.20pm. Dogs are panting at the door, so I drop my bag and folders, pop them on the lead and head off down to the beach. A fun walk, though when Ellie's lead breaks and she leaps at a car, it's kind of mortifying. Luckily she returns and I manage to get her back on the lead in some shape or form, despite the broken attachment. Back inside, I'm tired and tightly wound, run myself a bath and lay in it for a while, trying to relax. Starting to relax when the phone rings, it's David, have a quick chat then the mobile rings, Jordy coming over to play on x-box while Dad is at theatre practice, can I pick him up? Finish chatting to David. Make something half edible for dinner, pick up Jordy, eat my dinner. Stupid work phone wasn't turned off, client leaves a ten minute message about her woes. I have to listen now it's started. Worry. Turn off the phone. Ok, where is the camera cord - I desperately need it. Big hunt. Finally find it tucked under other rubbish. Look for a label so this doesn't happen again, can't find the stupid labels. I'm tired. Get on the computer, chill out at some emails, down-load some photos. Where's the time gone? I'm going to do my relaxation CD and then write something that's hopefully more interesting! Arrrghh!