Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Fire and Smoke

I smell of smoke? Why? A home visit and a big bonfire out the back, with smoke streaming inside around us.. that would be the reason! Smoke is such a pungent odour. Having the smell of it around me brings back memories of Black Saturday. My anxiety was so high that day as Victoria was burning away like mad. On the end of the phone was my mum in Bendigo, with reports that a fire was out of control in Long Gully and on its way towards them. I had the ABC radio on and reports of towns being burned out were flowing in fast. It was scary, and I wasn't even directly involved. It seems like ages since the fires were a topic of public discussion. I wonder how the people who were directly involved feel when they smell that pungent, ashy odour. A visit like today's for someone who had had their house burn down, their pets and livestock hurt or killed, or worst of all lost their children or families in the fires, could be highly traumatic. Scary stuff! And with the sunny weather is always that fear of fire as the sun blazes into the surrounding bushlands.