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sister [ˈsistə]


the title given to a female child to describe her relationship to the other children of her parents She's my sister; my father's sister.


a type of senior nurse She's a sister on Ward 5.


a female member of a religious group.


a female fellow member of any group We must fight for equal opportunities, sisters!


closely similar in design, function etc sister ships.

Hmmmm. Sisters.

I miss my sister. Sometimes I feel like she died, even though she's still alive.

I feel like I used to have a sister, but she disappeared.

I used to blame myself. What did I do wrong? Why wasn't I prettier, smarter, richer, more sociable, less shy, better with money? Why didn't I make choices that she would have been proud of?

When I was little she was my hero. If I fell over in the play-ground, I would call her name and someone would bring her to me, to pick me up, to nurture me. Then I would feel better, I'd be okay.

When I was a teenager, she came and brought me home from the park, where I was lying in a drunken mess, and made sure I was safe.

When I was at uni, I flew to America to see her, because I missed her so much, when she had been travelling around the world on the Young Endeavour, the tall ship. As an adult, she told me that I'd 'ruined her life' by coming to America to see her.

I guess she had to detach herself from my co-dependency.

We used to wait for the Easter bunny, laughing under the blankets together.

We used to wait for Santa, giggling and giggling, jumping up in the morning way too early.

We used to lie on the floor laughing, tears flowing down our faces.

She came to the birth of my son. I wanted her to be my sister during the pregnancy. That didn't happen. She sat with my husband and they refused to let me name my own son.

I still love her.

I am here if she decides to be my sister again.

And I've realised now that there's nothing wrong with me, that no matter who I was things would probably still be the same.

Some famous sister quotes:

When I was a child I thought I saw an angel. It had wings and kinda looked like my sister. I opened the door so some light could come into the room, and it sort of faded away. My mother said it was probably my Guardian Angel.
Denzel Washington

If you don't understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.
Linda Sunshine

There is a touching scene in the movie, "A League of Their Own," where the two sisters are saying goodbye. The younger sister says:

"Do you ever hear Dad introduce us to people? This is our daughter Dottie, and this is our other daughter, Dottie's sister."

Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.
Margaret Mead

I wonder if we'll grow up one day? That would be awesome.

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