Sunday, 18 September 2011

Sunday stroll in the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

A gorgeously unfilled Sunday in Spring - what to do? A stroll in the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens is on the cards, so off we drive.

The gardens are a work in progress. The main section, which we enjoyed today, is called the Australian Garden. It was designed by Taylor Cullity Lethlean, with Paul Thomson, whose aim was to share the 'beauty and diversity of Australian plants'.

Some of the features of the garden include the Red Sand Garden, which is quite beautiful (it is not aessible to the public, but is a lovely welcoming feature to the eye), the exhibition gardens which give examples of how Australian plants can be used around the home garden, the arid garden and eucalypt walk. Sadly, the rockpool waterway and escarpment wall are a nice feature but devoid of water, which was disappointing, considering our recent rainfall has been pretty high.

We stopped for a cappuccino in the cafe which was lovely, overlooking the gardens. The table we chose was decorated with a mini water-garden pot, a lovely feature. The Gardens shop was also well worth a look, with a great selection of botanical books and plant-themed products. David bought me some lemon-scented gum and Boronia incense cones and a gorgeous little decorated egg.

The morning was completed as we drove back out to a secluded picnic area towards the front entrance, and ate some freshly made sandwiches that David had lovingly prepared. What a great Sunday morning!

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Susan said...

I've read about these Gardens, so it was really nice to see your post. Lovely pics.
Isn't it such a treat to go on an outing and not have to prepare the picnic. You've a thoughtful man :D)

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