Saturday, 3 September 2011

He's doing the dishes :)

Am I bad to be enjoying the sight of my lovely man doing the dishes, whilst I sit on my behind doing some blogging? Am I bad to have enjoyed a lovely fresh piece of salmon and some delicious steamed veges, lovingly prepared by the same lovely man? Hell, I probably am. Am I lazy due to my positioning in the family, as youngest daughter? Well..... I am a bit more organised than I used to be, these days, thank goodness, but still have a few slack moments. Relaxing is an art-form that I am trying to develop. I work hard during the week and have to be thinking about pretty heavy stuff, so it's a relief to let it go on the weekend. What weather! Today has been so warm and the scents of blossoms are everywhere. Dogs had a great walk at the beach, Ellie (our border-collie) was so cute, splashing in and out of the waves and chasing Ernie (our poodle-bischon) in between. All was well until we spotted them rolling in something fishy and disgusting.... so home to be washed.... be the foresaid lovely man... (whoops, i am a bit lazy, aren't I!)

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Annie said...

Smart, I would say. I had a lovely day in my Spring garden

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