Saturday, 20 August 2011

Holly and Sue's train Blogging


H: The cat man this morning - there were 5 cats following him down the road. All the cats come from other people's driveways and follow him down down the street. I don't know if he notices he's the cat man - he walks and all these cats just follow him. He walks really slow, and the cats one at a time just follow him. They are other peoples cats.

S: Hershey's mouth is healing, we're not sure what happened but most likely he had a burn, from trying to lick something on the stove top! He is very friendly with the next door neighbours cat. I was remembering how Puss would never accept another cat, but I think Hershey would be okay.


H: Waiting for four hours for Danielle in the hospital. Then finally they said that nothing could be done for a broken toe anyway! She had broken it in a drain playing volley-ball. Poor love.

S: Last time I was in a hospital for myself was when I had a glass splinter in my thumb. The doctor said 'you won't faint if I give you a needle in your thumb to numb it, will you?' I said 'no, I've given birth three times, the last one was 11 pound 12 with no drugs' and of course i then proceeded to faint all over the place. I thought I wouldn't get out of that hospital - was still fainting in the foyer!


H: We made a swing at the camp - it was in the trees. I made it for Laura and Jordy and you would jump onto it. Jordy fell out of the tree trying to go on the swing, it was funny. He was crying but he was fine.

S: My bum has often been too fat to fit in swings over the last 15 years. When I lost weight I ftted into swings for a while, but it's unlikely I would fit into one at the moment due to my renewed attraction to all things chocolate.


H: Auntie Polly went to Gold Class for the first time with her friends, and she spilt Coke all over herself at the start - so she had to watch the movie all wet.

S: I have not had coke for a while - have been off caffeine. So no coffee, no coke! But i've started to enjoy diet soft-drinks, like diet Ginger-Beer. Yum!


H: A dessert that represented love would be an Oreo Cookie. I could fall in love with Oreos.

S: A dessert that represented love for me would be a rich chocolately pudding, with a creamy side dish and Baileys.


H: Erica. She is just randomly being a bitch, she thinks she's too good for everyone now. She has a boyfriend and now she just flirts with anyone. Charmaine is upset cause she can't get a boy-friend and Erica just pretends her boyfriend is nothing.

S: Bitch was when I was bullied by some girls at school. Becuase i held hands with a guy she liked, she then set out to attack me at every opportunity. She and her friend would hide behind the toilet doors and attack me as I came in. They wrote mean graffiti about me on the toilets. My friends and I wriote mean graffiti back at them. It was stupid. The bullying stopped when i told a teacher about it. Yay! She's one of my facebook friends now, no names.


H: When I was with Daniel and I didn't want to kiss him because of his braces. Then i asked him and he said he hadn't kissed a girl before - I ended up being his first kiss, even though he was in Year 10 and I was in year 7.

At Bliss n' Esso - a really good song was on, I was on Jackson's back so I was the same height as everyonee. I was leaning down and I kissed Nova, and it was really cute.

S: My first kiss was at school, next to the oval, with this guy - can't remember first name but surname was Bice. His mum was a country and western singer, Olive Bice. We were sitting on the edge of the oval, watching other kids run around, and he kissed me. It was cute.


H: I wanted these apple perfumes for Christmas. Polly got me different apple perfumes and they were even better. Dansy never used me use her Curious perfume, for three years, then finally this year for my birthday she bought me my own.

S: my mum always wore the same perfume. She first got some duty free when we went to Fiji with Alison. Then when she married Jim, he bought her the same perfume each year. I had to laugh when David bought me a new bottle of my perfume when it wasn't anywhere near finished.


H: Dansy thinking she was being risky and drinking some whisky at our house in Dromana, she took a sip then ran outside screaming 'Oh my God!', and spitting it out.

S: I used to drink Jim Beams and Cokes when i was in my late teens - the smell of it now makes me want to throw up immediately. Yuck. Whisky - not much experience. My favourite liquer is Drambuie - the most sugary alcholic drink ever!

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