Friday, 19 August 2011

Dogs' makeover

Well, two dogs do smell and look rather posh tonight! Picked them up from Peninsula Pet Clips looking rather divine... though I wish I'd remembered to tell them to lay off the perfume (eww.. ) Ernie had to be carried inside at the start - he's been there a few too many times, not a fan after having his ears poked over the years from ear-infections. Ellie looked inside rather curiously at all the other customers in their various stages of grooming! Probably won't need to take her again for 12 months, Ernie, though, will be ready to go in 3 months, if not before.

Getting ready for a special night with Holly tomorrow in the city, big shopping day then staying in a hotel. Can't wait! Will be exhausting but fun. Mother may need a couple of rest-breaks along the way, I feel! Teens have way too much energy, usually to expend on dodgy happenings. Anyways, will have an early night and report soon! :)

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