Monday, 22 August 2011

Contented Kitty

I am heading to bed shortly - but boy is it hard with a purring grey and white bundle of gorgeousness on my lap! He finally go his food delivered, after sulking all weekend and refusing to eat anything else. The creators of Hills Science Diet sure know their stuff - I think it's actually addictive! Lucky that when I was secretly pinching the dry dog food from under the tanks as a kid that they weren't full of that stuff! I know - yuck! :) Great day at work - boy is it quiet when I'm the only one in the office! Back to busy normal tomorrow. Not much to add tonight - changed my name at the bank and it's starting to grow on me now - no pun considering it's a tree. A new relaxation CD to try tonight - progressive muscle relaxation. I'm going to try and fit it into my work-day somewhere too. If only we had more hours in the day. Looking forward to a circus-performance tomorrow night by my son, should be a lot of fun. Off to bed now!

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